Rubble at My Feet

My walls of resistance are shattered
The remnants of a great tower
Lay as rubble at my feet.

Released from the imprisonment
The locks have been undone
My shackles are no more.

Before me lies a vast and open field
Every direction opens to me
I am free to run away.

Standing still for what seems an eternity
I hold on to old and empty rules,
afraid to take a step.

In the distance I see another soul
Slowly making his way to me
I feel the urge to hide.

Within clear sight his beauty is clear
His past transgressions wiped clean
I stand before him transfixed.

The rubble at my feet dissipates
As he makes his way to me
A calm peace overtakes me.

His eyes see through my brilliant façade
My insecurities melt away
I recognize the familiar.

For only a moment I wish for the wall,
something to provide protection.
The moment passes away.

In the silence and the sound of his voice,
My heart begins to beat again
I feel lovely once more.

The walls of resistance have fallen
Their rubble soft white sand
We walk out into the field.”

By Robins Young