At the well(The encounter).

He is simple,

and his approach is smooth, always gentle.

‘If you only knew who is talking to you’, he said

‘You’d ask me for a overflowing water,

that would satisfy your thirsty forever!’

His ways breaks down our most fortified defenses,

He sees through our brilliant façade.

With him we don’t need to pretend,

that we are strong, that we are fine.

He knows our deepest needs(and wounds)

and He is willing to fullfil them all.

If she only knew that in that common day

at the well, He’d change her life forever,

that all the tears and the shame would be in the past…

He always comes when we are not expecting,

He choses ways that we never saw coming,

Jesus tears down all our walls of resistance,

Because with him, we don’t need to pretend.

Surrender is the key,

For a path of freedom and purpose.

We just need to welcome Him.

He will lead us all the way.

João 4:1-26

O encontro.

Ele é simples,

e sua abordagem é suave, sempre gentil.

‘Se você soubesse quem está falando com você’, disse ele

‘Você me pediria água viva(transbordante!),

isso satisfaria sua sede para sempre!’

Seus caminhos derrubam nossas defesas mais profundas,

Ele vê através da nossa fachada.

Com ele não precisamos fingir,

que somos fortes, que estamos bem.

Ele conhece nossas necessidades mais profundas (e feridas!)

e Ele está disposto a suprir todas elas.

Se ela soubesse que naquele dia comum,

no poço, Ele mudaria sua vida para sempre,

que todas as lágrimas e vergonha ficariam no passado…

Ele sempre vem quando menos esperamos,

Ele escolhe caminhos que nunca imaginamos!

Jesus derruba todos os nossos muros, nossa resistência,

Porque com Ele, não precisamos fingir.

A entrega é a chave,

Para um caminho de liberdade e propósito.

Só precisamos saudá-Lo, deixá-Lo entrar.

Ele vai nos liderar por todo o caminho.

Rubble at My Feet

My walls of resistance are shattered
The remnants of a great tower
Lay as rubble at my feet.

Released from the imprisonment
The locks have been undone
My shackles are no more.

Before me lies a vast and open field
Every direction opens to me
I am free to run away.

Standing still for what seems an eternity
I hold on to old and empty rules,
afraid to take a step.

In the distance I see another soul
Slowly making his way to me
I feel the urge to hide.

Within clear sight his beauty is clear
His past transgressions wiped clean
I stand before him transfixed.

The rubble at my feet dissipates
As he makes his way to me
A calm peace overtakes me.

His eyes see through my brilliant façade
My insecurities melt away
I recognize the familiar.

For only a moment I wish for the wall,
something to provide protection.
The moment passes away.

In the silence and the sound of his voice,
My heart begins to beat again
I feel lovely once more.

The walls of resistance have fallen
Their rubble soft white sand
We walk out into the field.”

By Robins Young