Love says: 'Don't try to live without me,                                                                                           That would be painful and worthless!                                                                                          Come with me and I'll teach you what life is about!                                                                  I am part of everything: Birth and death, joy and sorrow, darkness and light.                                                  Without me,there whould be no difference in between.'
Time comes in, ruthless: 'Oh, are you mad? Do you?!                                                                                                    I am the one that should be angry!                                                                                                Everyone is always worried about their future                                or bitter about their past.                                                 Never enjoying the present.                                                                                                             Now is your gift.You shouldn't be wasting it!                                                                             What else do you want from me?!'
Meanwhile, the wise Death is watching the whole scene.                                                    She is not in a hurry, she always knows her timing.                                                            And she is always hungry.                                                                    However,once in a while, she enjoys playing with people;                                                 Teasing their motivations, making them question their reasons.
Love,time,death, a three-fold cord.                                                                                       They together make life stronger, our experiences meaninful;                                   Pouring out beauty and pain along the way,                                                                  coloring our path, we like it or not.
Love says 'I am the way and the truth, without me there is no purpose in life.'
Time runs wild, he is not interested in please anyone,                                                           He knows his goals and he goes for it.                                                                                           Deal with it.
Death has seen it all,                                                                                                          Nothing can surprise her or take her out of control.                                                                                She is older and stronger than time,                                                                                        She does not fear Love, even though she respects her noble friend. 
They make a great team, each one knowing their place.                                                   They know how to walk and dance together!
If you want to be wise, don't waste time.                                                                         Respect death and walk around with Love.
There is a purpose for wich one in our lives.

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