Being versatile through adversities!

Hello guys!

Today I am back with a invitation to participate of the “Versatile blog Award”!

The ideia is to share 7 random facts about me!

Thank you, Joy A. Mead to nominate me to this opportunity to go a little deeper about my experiences and share the grace of God over my life!

I hope you all enjoy it!

1 . I am a very shy person!

Yes! I have some difficulties to talk with people I don’t know or share something that God is telling me to say to random people!

This past year God definetely worked in this area of my life! I had to face my fear of expose myself to people I didn’t know! God asked me to pray for people on the streets, share my testimony in my church more than once and to be more involved with the body of Christ!

It was really a challenge for me but, thanks to the grace of God I am growing stronger and learning to face my fears, no matter what!

It was a really good lesson for me to just lose control, little by little, and let the Holy Spirit act through me!

2. I had to lose everything to (begin to) find out who I am!

The last year was problably one of the most difficult years for me!

When I surrendered my life to Jesus in 2017 I never imagined I would live such a wild (and hard) adventure! After 4 months as a new born woman I was giving up of all my security to follow God’s voice!

I gave up all that I knew. I had to move from my apartment and just give a step of faith, after I decided to join in a discipleship school!

I went through a really crazy journey! I didn’t know anything about how to have a relationship with God or trust completely in Him! I had to start from zero!

He made me to confront everything I thought I was and believed, and I had to face deep conflits with myself and people around me, at the other side of the world, in a country I never imagined I would visit some day, Nepal.

And after that, when I came back, I had to rebuild my life from nothing, trusting God in every step, decision and provision in my daily life. And I am still learning to not base who I am in what I do or have, but only in who HE SAY I AM!

3. I am a crazy perfectionist!

Yes, sad but true!

Last year was also the year to lose the need of control and the fear of making mistakes!

God had to teach me, in the hard way, to fail, shake the self-pity off and keep going!

I just hate to fail and, I think a lot before I take some decision, but with God I had to learn to act without rationalize everything, and fast! I had to do a lot of things that did not make any sense to me and also things I did not want to do!

And to be honest, I still resist in many times to let all the control on His hands. It’s not easy, friends!

I am learning, day by day, to trust completely in my Father and obey, even when what He asks me is too hard or makes no sense to me!

4. I always dreamed to play eletric guitar!

Yes, but I don’t! lol

I always thought it was too hard and that I did not have the gift to play!

The funny thing about it, is that God already made me some promises involving music and I have zero ability to play instruments or sing!

The good news is that He loves to do the impossible! Hahaha

Interesting fact about that: When I was on the bus going to that discipleship school in february of 2018, one of the staffs said to every student to stand up and make a bold and prophetic statement for the future! On my turn I said “I will play in a band and sing about Jesus!”.

After everyone were said something that we wanted to happen, another staff member said : “You guys will not believe in what just happend. Another bus just crossed ours and on it’s side was written “Making dreams come true”!

It was a really exciting moment! hahaha

So I am still waiting to see what happens! =)

5.My favorites ways to connect with God are music and nature!

So when God call me to join in that school for 3 months at a farm, to the lecture phase, I really enjoyed it!

Actually, when God revealed to me I was going to Nepal for the outreach, He showed it to me through a vision of a lot of silvered butterflies! (Nepal has more than 650 species of butterflies.)

Another interest thing is that God talks to me a lot through music, even through great “not-christian” songs!

6. Jesus was the one who encouraged me to write this blog!

I always loved to write! But the idea of expose my thoughts to the world were not confort at all to me! However, one day God just asked me to start a blog and share my experiences!

At the beginning, I wrote just for myself, I did not had the courage to spread the news to the people I know, about it!

Just after people around the world started to read it, that I really share the information with my friends in social media!

7. Unexpected call!

When I was in Nepal, me and my group had the opportunity to know a ministry that works inside the ‘dance clubs’ sharing the gospel with the girls who works in the night. I was pretty impressed and I loved that experience!

I never imagined that after a year, I would know another ministry, called Páginas Novas or “New Pages”, that works in the bigger center of prostitution in Latin America(a neighborhood called Itatinga), here in my city, and that I would be part of this.

God put me in contact with the leader of this house of prayer inside of this neighborhood, wich was projected exclusively for prostitution!

And now we have a prayer meeting every month to pray and fight for those girls and boys! Also, we are work there through evangelism and another projects for the girls.

Last month we offered a dinner for those girls (and boys)! Was a really special moment cause we had the opportunity to ministry to their hearts, share the love of Christ and have comunion with them, eating together like a family.

It’s really amazing what God is doing there! And it’s just the beginning.

Well, this is all for now friends! I hope my experiences help you somehow, to go deeper in the love of our Father and trust Him more and more, everyday.

Now I invite my bloggers friends to participate on this fun activity and share more about them!

Join us : Mons over coffee

The Godly Chic diaries

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Warren Richards

When you consider nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.”

The Rules:

Thank the person who nominated you.
Link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 more bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.


5 comentários em “Being versatile through adversities!

  1. Congratulations, a lovely share! Appreciate you nominating me, will not be able to participate in making a post. I used to, but my schedule is just too busy. What I started doing, write a poem instead! See below.

    Her love is Versatile, the heart of a found daughter, and a child… of God. A shy soul, but a heart bold enough; to accept the forever gift of life. A heart growing stronger, leaning to face fear… no matter what. Her heart is on a journey, building up her faith and trust; on who God Said She is. A soul being exposed, encouraged by God’s love to write, and share; the love He put in… her Versatile heart. God bless!

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  2. Amazing! I loved reading more about you and how God is growing you more and more into His daughter every day! Through your time in Nepal and also in the Latin America ministries I pray God keeps blessing you and allowing you to be a blessing to others. The Christian journey can be hard at times but it is the best one you can ever take. Your love for Jesus is felt amongst your words and I’m so glad He called you into blogging! Love and blessings! ❤️

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