“You are a good good Father.Is who you are….”

For the Father above all the fathers. For the one who never fails with us.

The greater dad, who knows us best than anyone. The one who wake up and go with us to bed, always with a smile in His face and a gentle word to our hearts. He is the one who loves us so much that turned himself into flesh just to bleed in our favor. The almighty Father who chose to be a human, just to feel our weaknesses in His bones.

Thank You Father! You will always be my strength, my hope and my best friend . I wanna live and die to make You known, to make You happy (even knowing that what really makes You happy is the knowledge that you love me most of everything)

“You are perfect in all of your ways”!

Happy father´s day to all the fathers that help their the sons and daughters to know this great Father above us all.


*Good good father


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